That’s right! new mPole Workshops released for Sunday 3rd April 2022

Happening this Sunday & I think the first time on a Sunday, but I could be wrong on that one.

Two fantastic Floor workshops at Maitland, so we are clearing out the poles and having a play on the floor.

Floor Fxxkery at 10 am & Burlesque at 11.30 am. Your Instructor Leeanne, who has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, is super excited about these workshops. Both workshops will run for about 90minutes.

What were her words for these workshops!

Floor Fxxkery is hard and fast; If you don’t own boots, you will need socks; you won’t survive without them and Knee Pads. She also suggested shoulder and hip coverage, so think tights and T-shirts.

Burlesque is slow and sexy (but you didn’t think it would be anything else). You will need a light, short robe & a bra to take off and if you’re thinking of wearing heels, pick smallish ones that you can spend 90minutes in them on your feet.

Bookings are limited, so get yourself booked in now!

And one epic Ribbons Tech Workshop in Newcastle, where we will add silks to your Poles and turn them into something you just have to try.

Pole Ribbons Tech is at 10 am with Elizabeth, who will show you all the ways to wrap yourself up and push yourself out of your comfort zones with this Ribbons Tech Workshops, which runs for 90minutes.

Elizabeth has suggested wearing a long, close, fitting t-shirt and tights and avoiding underwire bras for this workshop. They always seem to get caught in the ribbons.

Booking for this workshop are extremely limited, book now!

Costs are $60 for Non-Members & $30 for Super Star Members.

1300 2 MPOLE (67653)