Saturday the 19th February 2022 saw some of our mPole ladies hit the stage at the postponed (due to covid) 2021 NSW Pole Sports Championships. Held at Beach Fit Dance Studio, Mayfield East

Nice local comp, and we had a few of our students and partners come along and support this small restricted event.

We had
Cyclone competing in Amateur Advanced


La Bella and Leeanne are competing in Open, the first time these ladies have competed against each other.

Left to Right: Leeanne & LaBella

It was a great, relaxed backstage stage environment, and we were all set to compete in the second half of the comp. So we took our time warming up, stretched and ate, catching up with other polers who we hadn’t seen in forever and making new friends.

Before we all knew it, it was our turn to compete Leeanne up first with a country contemporary number performing in a silver sparkly outfit.
Straight after was La Bella performing to Take Me To Church by Hozier in blue velvet and white motif outfit.

Then we waited a little bit for Cyclones chance to perform, as she was last on the run sheet. We didn’t have to wait long; she took the stage in a sparkly black cut out bodysuit, dancing to Shake It Out by Florence + The Machines.

And just like that, it was all over, and it was time for announcements.

All our girls taking home trophies

Cyclone 2nd in Advanced Amateur

Labella 2nd in Open
Leeanne 1st in Open

Left to Right La Bella 2nd Open, Leeanne 1st Open & Cyclone 2nd Advanced Amateur

So proud of our girls, taking the stage and doing what they love. The titles are just the icing on the cake.

Congratulations to all the competitors and Organisers of the NSW Pole Sports Championships for a great night and event, and we look forward to being there for the next one.

2021 NSW Pole Sport Championship Competitors

Written be Leeanne Taylor