We are in a time where there is so much uncertainty. Add preparing from a comp in that, and you will probably go mad.

A good percentage of our staff at mPole and some of our students are in comp session mode. Comp Session Mode is preparing routines to submit to Pole Dancing competitions, making the entries deadline. They then hope & cross all fingers and toes that they make the finals. Then they need to be prepared for the actual finials stage. Well, what’s left of the Pole Dancing Comp Session, that is it, it seems to be a never-ending stream of extended entry dates, postponed or cancelled events due to covid. It’s tough to go, all out in comp mode at the moment, cause you could be grilling your body way too early for a comp that could get push back or cancelled. And it’s not one; it’s pretty much all of them.

In my case. In another state with the borders closed, can I make it to the finals at all – September 18th 2021?

It’s limbo; as a competitor, you are unsure if you’re coming or going.

From an organiser point of view, the outlay of capital to book venue, staff, judges etc., is Russian roulette. You pay your deposit; then you can’t run. You might be able to transfer to another date, but only if your competitors, team and venue can do that date, and with a lot of events affect, will you even be able to book a date in a reasonable time frame? Not to mention we will soon have a cross over of Pole Dancing competitions, where competitors will need to choose which one they do if they fall on the same date.

With all this going on, I decided that mPole Studios will not be running Polation as we have before, but in a different format and online. While I haven’t quite worked out the details, I have confirmed that we will run different sections based on what people have access to — Pole, Floor & Other, with subsections based on filming set up, but think skies the limit. So I am excited as I had a lot of fun with more relaxed filming rules last lock down, take a look

Like always, we will have an audience vote, and like in more recent years, a judged winner.

We are still firming up the details, and we will have more soon for you. I just wanted to give you a chance to get the creative juices flowing for a comp that will run, with the competition aiming for Mid to Late November, so plenty of time to start working on it.

Written by Leeanne Taylor