It’s hard to stay motivated for any sport during winter as the days get shorter and colder, but Pole Dancers have the real challenge in doing a sport that requires you to be bearly dressed to provide grip, and our grip comes from that dewy, warmed up skin, rather than cold and dry skin.

But here are some tips and tricks to keeping you poling during winter

  • Invest in warm training clothes, something you can keep on, but move in. Our instructors like tights, track pants, hoodies, cropped jackets, leg warmers/long socks, things that you can quickly take off to try moves that require that amount of skin and then put it back on.
  • Think about Classes that aren’t typically your jam but will warm you up for your other classes, or doing types that don’t require leg grip, like mPole-Ography, Pole – Low Flow, Floor Flow & Stretch (these classes are offered online, with a link to access up to 7 days after). These classes are a great way to warm your body up before attempting your Pole Class or adding them to your regular classes, as they are significant fitness fixes when you mightn’t be as active in your regular class. Classes such as Pole TLC & TUF also have elements where you will be able to leave your clothes on for a good portion of the outline, allowing the body to warm up before getting into the pole stuff.
  • Think about your grip choices. What grip you usually use in summer, when your skin is too warm/sweaty, isn’t going to be your grip in winter when your skin is barely warm at all. Be sure to talk to your instructor about what you’re using, ask them what they think you should be using, or purchase a sample pack of grips and try them all before committing to something.
  • Grippy pants, while these are great, need to be mindful they are pants that will glue you to the pole. You won’t be sliding in them at all. (Not a great choice for wear to Flow Floor, Stretch, Pole – Low Flow or mPole-ography), but they are an excellent option for those finding no grip in winter & keeping you warm; fit is super tight and needs to be for the skin like grip, so getting into them is fun and will warm you up.
  • Another critical but often overlooked fact to sticking to the pole in winter is healthy skin. You will need to ramp up moisturising your skin in winter as it dries out quickly or seems to. Try moisturising at night after your shower or first thing in the morning with non-greasy moisturising cream. Or plan your week and moisturise on days/nights you arent at class. Your instructor poles nearly every day, so ask them when and how often they moisturise & what they are using.

I hope these help you out to keep spinning this winter.