Wow, what a night! As I know, most of you could not attend if you wanted to due to COVID. But it was an entertaining night, even if it was to see me fumble over the task of MCeeing and performing.

But our brave & talented pole students took to the stage with performances they had created, and it was beautiful, inspiring and delightful to be a part of the process.

The Miss mPole Stage is a home stage, competition for mPole Clients by mPole Instructors. This comp provided a performance opportunity for our clients to perform when it was not available to our clients back in 2012. While we haven’t run every year since then, some in our control, some not, it was enriching to see about this year, despite COVIDS best efforts.

And the team at mPole look forward to planning 2022’s event, but until then, let’s talk about Miss mPole 2021.

We opened with a Feature Performance by the mPole Mums, Melissa McKowen, myself (Leeanne Taylor) & Lauren Eccleston. New, Old and Past Instructors who have and will continue to shape our students into the confident women we know they can be both at Pole but in the real world. While our performance didn’t go to plan, it was fun to be up on stage, dressed up, doing something we love.

Following this was our most significant Category, Beginners, in Order of Performance.

1. Alana- in a gorgeous white flowing costume, dancing to Open by Rhye

2. Peach – performing in a black mesh Bodysuit with a black & white Tartan Skirt

3. Katalina – performing in Black Wet look bodysuit with Black Patent Leather Ankle Boots with Red chrome platforms, match her red highlights in her hair.

4. Miss Lyn – Black and Silver holographic Bodysuit and Black patent Leather Ankle Boots

5. Madie – the most outstanding costume on the night. A Yellow Bodysuit creation with Black Platform Heels all featuring Bones and skulls.

6. Niki – performing in a shiny red bodysuit with matching drop-down suspender straps & Red patent leather ankle boots

We close this section with a Feature Pole Performance by our Instructor & Judge Milly Rose (7).

A Demonstration Performance followed this on mPole’s Newest Specialty Pole Lollipop’s by Myself (Leeanne Taylor) (8). Bring us into Intermission so that audience members could take a breath of fresh air.

We opened the 2nd half with another Specialty Performance on Pole – Ribbons with Miss Toni, mPole Instructor (9) and Judge.

Bringing us to the Intermediate Section of Miss mPole 2021
10. Alix – wearing a cool pink and black outfit/harness and the most fantastic pink holographic ankle boots by Toes on Point.

11. Molly – wearing a flashy silver sequin wrap crop and skirt with the matching heart-shaped Sunglasses

12. Skoll – Wearing a Striking Leather Harness with the cutest wings at the back & a gas mask.

Then straight into Advanced.
13. Brooke – wearing a beautiful Red Top and shorts, diamante Necklace and Bracelets and White Ankle boots

14. Yuni – Dressed as superwoman, complete with cape.

Followed by our first ever Static division at Miss mPole
15. Cyclone – wearing a sparkly black lace bodysuit and glitter from head to toe.

And wrapping on the competition performances was a smooth flowing performance on Static by 16. Jolie Etoile in a Black sheer Chemise.

Our competition wrapped up by our final feature performance by mPole Instructor and Judge La Bella (17) performing on Static.

In the Miss mPole competition, competitors had to perform three required elements as part of their performance for their division.

Beginners – Kate Moss, Tara & Faith
Intermediate – Spinning Tina, Brady & Carlie
Advanced – Victoria, Allegra & Straight-Leg Venus
Static – Russian Swing, Lacey & Ball Drop

Missing these moves in their performance would cause a point deduction, along with not wearing heels.

Then it was announcements

1st – Peach
2nd – Madie
Equal 3rd – Alana & Niki

Equal 1st – Alix & Molly
3rd – Skoll

1st – Brooke
2nd – Yuni

1st – Cyclone
2nd – Jolie Etoile

Miss mPole 2021 – Highest Point Score for this year’s competition

You can check out Photos from the event on the Miss mPole Facebook Page or visit the Website