Term 4 Timetable has been slow in the making; however, we have just released it. With over 300 classes added over eight weeks, we are sure you will find something that you will like.

What’s new?
Maitland Studio, your timetable looks similar to the last terms. A few graduate levels increase but don’t stress if you haven’t graded. Keep coming to your regular class. Your instructor will bounce off where you’re currently sitting in our levelling system & with covid, we are probably revising some stuff for a few weeks.

We have a new Saturday Pole – Intro Class, and we welcome Miss Toni back on board & she will be taking on Saturday Morning Practice also, so you have someone about to ask questions.

Newcastle, we have had a revamp, your timetable hasn’t been working for you so much. So you will see Pole – Low Flow has been brought back for Monday’s at 6:15 pm. This fun little class is an excellent winter addition, as you play with fun, exciting & unique low & short chorey pieces that you bring to music.

We have combined TLC & TUF into a 1 1/2 hour class with La Bella on Wednesday’s; yes, it’s a big lesson. We have been trying to work out how we could do these two classes together for some time now. Unfortunately, we could only get it into a 90minute timeframe, but come prepared to feel awesome after this class. Conditioning, Strength, Flexibility and Tricks all in one class it’s going to be legendary.

You also welcome Leeanne back to the timetable. On Thursday’s, she will be teaching mPole-Ography, and Pole 1/2 Thursdays & Saturday mornings have been pushed back 30minutes so that you can enjoy a wee bit more of asleep in.

Online, we still have you stretch classes Monday & Friday, but we are trailing online Pole Classes this term. You will see Pole – Low Flow with La Bella & mPole-Ography with Leeanne added to your online options.

You will need a Pole at home, an internet connection and a device that will allow you to access zoom meetings (in real-time) and/or the post zoom meeting links (accessible for seven days after).

For online classes, please remember that you have to enrol in the online class (even if you attend the real class) to receive the links to join in real-time or view the lesson afterwards.